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haven2_tarp_tnsOne of the steps frequently undertaken when transitioning to a lighter pack, is replacing that old six pound tent for a one pound tarp. For this old tarp lover, they are great. Tarps provide lots of protected space, are open airy and give you lots of views. On the downside they do take a bit of getting used to and require more knowledge of the proper place to set them up. Once you've taken this leap, they do provide a major weight savings.

As you browse through our selection of tarps, you'll notice they aren't like your typical flat tarp. Instead all of the tarps we design and manufacture are Shaped Tarps. Flat tarps can be setup in a host of configurations, but unless you're an expert in Origami, invariably one side will be exposed to the weather. Shaped Tarps are designed to ensure a full 360 degree enclosure. So when the wind and rain shifts at night you're still protected.

Shaped Tarps are also easier to setup and get a taut pitch. For more information on tarps check out our Tarp Techniques page.

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Gatewood Cape

12 oz Tarp / Cape

Deschutes Plus

16 oz Deschutes Tarp w/ Netting Skirt


13 oz Tarp

Haven Tarp

18 oz Two Person

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