Meteor Bivy

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meteorbivyThe Meteor Bivy combined with a Poncho/Tarp makes for an ultralight and ultra-versatile shelter system. On beautiful nights, zip back and tie off the netting to have an unobstructed view of the stars. If those nasty mosquitoes come out, simply zip up the netting and you're safe and secure from all flying and crawling insects.

In rain, setup your poncho/tarp and the Meteor Bivy underneath. The lower waterproof/breathable half of the bivy will keep any condensation forming on your tarp from soaking in your bag.

Do you like to use the shelters along the AT but hate the thought of Mice crawling over you all night? The Meteor Bivy acts like the perfect shelter bivy. It gives you protection from mice, the occasional rain coming in from the front of the shelter and some additional privacy for changing your clothes.

If you hike in rainy areas, you may wish to replace the Poncho/Tarp with a larger tarp and add a Tyvek ground cloth. Together these changes will only add a few ounces to your kit, but will greatly enhance your sleeping environment.

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