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We've incorporated a number of features into our support pages to make finding out information about Six Moon Designs products simpler and easier.


Before wandering too far through the support pages, first check out our FAQ section. We've got answers to most of the common questions people ask. If you can't find an answer there, keep exploring.


We've added a Gallery to the website to showcase Six Moon Designs products In Action. These photos should give you a better idea of how people are using our gear to solve their everyday backcountry needs. If you've got some photos of our gear in action that you'd like to share please let us know.


Our Forums section will allow you to share ideas about new products you'd like to see. You can also communicate with other Six Moon Designs customers.

Make Your Own Gear

For years I made my own backpacking gear. I still encourage others to try their hand at putting together your own gear. Occasionally we come up with designs that we've either decided not to produce ourselves or are simple enough for most sewers to complete. So I've included them in our Make Your Own Gear section.

Resource Center

Finally there's a limit to what we can do alone. Fortunately the Internet provides you with a vast array of sites that will help you reach your potential for Ultralight Gear. Our Resouce Center is small compalation of available sites that we've found useful. Yes the Resource Center also includes links to some of our better competitors.



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