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In the Bargain Bin you'll find great prices on products that on clearance or have minor flaws (Scratch and Dent). These items are sold As Is and are Not Returnable . So make sure your familiar with the items before purchasing.

For items that have multiple colors and floor styles options, select your choice of color and floor in the ordering box. Since we can not guarantee that it'll be available, please write a note in the comments box if you'll take substitutions of different colors and floor styles or if we should cancel the order if its not available.

Items sold as Scratch & Dent have minor flaws that have been fixed or cosmetic issues. They are as functionally sound as our first quality goods. Please don't call or email us asking for detailed descriptions of the specific flaws that maybe found on the specific item of gear you're interested in.



Skyscape - X - S&D

17 ounce Solo Tent
You Save: $50.00


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